Provide a one-stop solution for digital asset exchanges, build a multi-trust trading network, and open up the trading channel for self-custody customers
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Equipped with API&SDK, deploy MPC Node, which supports generating batches of addresses for multiple blockchains, initiating transactions, automatic approval signature, and asset and transaction search

One set of MPC private key shares can manage up to tens of millions of independent wallet addresses, with no need to repeatedly backing up mnemonics, which is easy for users to manage a large number of wallets

Built-in blockchain node facilities, with full wallet capabilities and advanced features, that allow developers to scale public chain support on their own

OpenLoop, over-the-counter custody and settlement network reduces counterparty risk, attracts more trading teams, and achieves greater volumes while meeting regulatory requirements

SaaS, private cloud and self-hosted deployment options with MPC or HSM for key management

Supports mainstream chains and tokens, integrates seamlessly with most active public chains, and is constantly updated to be compatible with new chains, tokens, and protocols

What is an MPC Wallet?

MPC wallet employs multi-party computing (MPC) technology to realize encryption and co-management of private key shares and collaborative signatures. For MPC wallets, private key shares will be stored on different devices to mitigate the single point of failure (SPOF) risk of private key, prevent private key from being stolen, and achieve secure self-custody.

What does SINOHOPE MPC wallet have to protect customers' digital assets?
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