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Highly stable and low-latency trading execution service. Support multi-level collaborative management and customized trading strategies, and provide a one-stop cryptographic financial and tax solution
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OpenLoop, connects the world's top exchanges and counterparties, for secure, ultra-fast clearing and zero-confirmation deposits

A refined role-based approval flow and rules engine that isolate governance transaction management responsibilities and avoids internal collusion, human error, and external attacks

Multi-agent / currency / range / caliber financial statement configuration, automatic GAAP accounting and cost pricing, to achieve automated financial and tax solutions

Powerful mobile service, allowing 24/7 anytime anywhere trading, supporting over 95% of daily high-frequency operations

Introduce top-level AML/KYT systems to automatically identify high-risk transactions, to ensure the latest regulatory requirements

What is an MPC Wallet?

MPC wallet employs multi-party computing (MPC) technology to realize encryption and co-management of private key shares and collaborative signatures. For MPC wallets, private key shares will be stored on different devices to mitigate the single point of failure (SPOF) risk of private key, prevent private key from being stolen, and achieve secure self-custody.

What does SINOHOPE MPC wallet have to protect customers' digital assets?
How does SINOHOPE MPC work?
How to use SINOHOPE MPC Wallet?
How many chains and tokens does the SINOHOPE MPC wallet support?