Secure and reliable self-custody solutions and stable trading environment. Support multi-party confirmation and rapid transaction verification, reducing counterparty risk
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MPC Wallet's most powerful software and hardware defense to eliminate a single point of harm and create a truly secure environment for storing digital assets

Connect the world's top exchanges, counterparties and trading venues, with OpenLoop, for multi-channel asset balancing and settlement

Secure and efficient access to DeFi protocol services for DeFi trading, lending and liquidity mining

Powerful trading strategy and workflow engine to manage risk in distributed teams

Integration of top-tier AML/KYT, a comprehensive risk management system, to prevent illegal activities such as money laundering

What is an MPC Wallet?

MPC wallet employs multi-party computing (MPC) technology to realize encryption and co-management of private key shares and collaborative signatures. For MPC wallets, private key shares will be stored on different devices to mitigate the single point of failure (SPOF) risk of private key, prevent private key from being stolen, and achieve secure self-custody.

What does SINOHOPE MPC wallet have to protect customers' digital assets?
How does SINOHOPE MPC work?
How to use SINOHOPE MPC Wallet?
How many chains and tokens does the SINOHOPE MPC wallet support?