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Seamless access to Web3 complete wallet infrastructure for fast and cost-effective full access to Web3 applications
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Support full Web3 access to DeFi, DAO, GameFi, Metavese, etc., to implement secure interactive transactions without understanding the potential complexities of the protocol

Deploy MPC Node, build automatic services, and realize DeFi automatic arbitrage, NFT market cap management, etc

Provide a separate segregated wallet for each customer to buy, sell and transfer cryptocurrencies and NFTS, supporting tens of millions of users

Contract Owner multi-signature governance and Web3 asset multi-signature management, which can achieve the best balance of security, privacy and flexibility

Support converting fiat to crypto to access Web3 applications and games

What is an MPC Wallet?

MPC wallet employs multi-party computing (MPC) technology to realize encryption and co-management of private key shares and collaborative signatures. For MPC wallets, private key shares will be stored on different devices to mitigate the single point of failure (SPOF) risk of private key, prevent private key from being stolen, and achieve secure self-custody.

What does SINOHOPE MPC wallet have to protect customers' digital assets?
How does SINOHOPE MPC work?
How to use SINOHOPE MPC Wallet?
How many chains and tokens does the SINOHOPE MPC wallet support?